Plano Lawn Insect Control Services

lawn insect controlLawns have different needs from season to season, and the custom lawn treatment formulas created by Addison Exterminating's Lawn Services can help keep your lawn vital and thriving throughout the year. With a proper combination of watering, fertilization, proper mowing and lawn insect control, your lawn will reach its full potential year round.

Here's what we offer, and how we can help:


  • Is distributed evenly across your lawn.
  • Provides a combination of both synthetic and natural nitrogen sources to give your lawn a consistent and steady rate of growth and coloration all through growing season.

Insect Control

  • Every time we visit to fertilize, we will inspect your lawn. Insect control is vital, so we will see if you have an insect problem.
  • If so, we will identify the problem and build a lawn insect control treatment for it. We will then apply insecticides, but only as a curative—we do not believe preventative insecticide is healthy for either your lawn or the environment.

Weed Control

  • We believe the best way to combat weeds is to have dense, healthy turf grass, which we seek to create with our fertilization regimen.
  • If needed, Addison Pest Control will use a pre-emergent herbicide along with your fall and spring mixtures of fertilizer, which will diminish the number of weeds that can grow.

Disease Control

    Every time we visit to fertilize, we will inspect your lawn for any turfgrass diseases. If we find a disease, we will diagnose the problem and consult you about treatment. These diseases include:
  • Brown patch: A fungus that primarily affects St. Augustine grass without killing turfgrass. This is primarily a cosmetic problem. Addison Pest Control can apply fungicide to the diseased areas, which requires two applications about 30-45 days apart during the fall.
  • Gray leaf spots on St. Augustine or Bermuda grass. This is an uncommon disease that does not require preventative treatment.

Tree & Shrub Care:

* We offer an all-encompassing tree and shrub care program that includes time-release fertilization and other applications that check disease and insect problems throughout growing season.

Core Aeration:

  • Helps air, water and nutrients to get to the root.
  • Loosens compacted soil.