Mosquito Control in Plano, TX

Over 3,000 species of mosquitoes exist throughout the world. This bothersome insect has six legs and a thin abdomen. A pair of wings produce an irritating whine as it searches for prey. The mosquito regularly feeds on humans, pets, livestock and wild animals. This pest isn't just annoying; it can trigger serious medical problems. Mosquitoes are a serious problem in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas. 


MosquitoMosquitoes benefit from a fast reproduction cycle. Many species lay their eggs in standing water. Others prefer to place them in dry areas; they don't hatch until it rains. The larvae eat plant matter, algae and small insects, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. They remain in the water and mature within a week.


This vampire-like pest often becomes more active during the night. It finds prey by detecting movement, moisture or heat. The mosquito prefers exposed skin, but thin fabric offers little protection from its bite. It draws blood and leaves the host with an itchy bump. This insect may transmit diseases when it bites people or farm animals.


West Nile virus remains the most common mosquito-borne illness. Many people experience rashes, aches or fever when they fall ill, according to the city of Arlington. A few suffer more severe symptoms. They can include nausea, stiffness, tremors or muscle paralysis. In Texas, mosquitoes also spread a dangerous virus called dengue fever.

You can protect your family and pets from this insect by installing a mosquito misting system. Tankless models use repellent cartridges or bottles instead of large drums. They also offer greater flexibility and automation. On the other hand, tank-based units remain somewhat less expensive. Both systems repel flying pests very effectively.

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