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5 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen

Let’s take a look at your pantry: there’s flour, spices, chocolates, and… mice?! One of these things are not like the other, and it’s pantry pests! Not only do they ruin your food, but they’re not paying rent! No need to get out of a lease, because if you follow these quick tips, you can make sure all pantry pests avoid your kitchen.

Kitchen Items that Attract Pests

The gold mine in all kitchens is wherever the dry-stored items are, like cereal, rice, even pet food. These types of food provide both nourishment and shelter, as pests like moths or beetles can use them to make burrows or nests. The preferred items include rice, soybeans and corn.

Another item that is known to attract pests are pharmacy items and spices. Pests like Drugstore Beetles love to lay eggs there to make sure that they are safe, and their eggs can hatch into an environment that includes a good food supply. Some beetles like to feed damaged or processed food, while others feed on oils and fats. No matter what they prefer, it’s best to kick them out before you’re paying the tab.

How to Prevent Kitchen Pests

  1. The first step to pest prevention is examination. Look for signs, damage, or any small tear that would be easy for them to get inside. If there is even a slight indication that there may have been a pest, discard it.
  2. Buy containers. Whether it is glass or thick plastic, having airtight containers can ensure your food is safe from any pests. Avoid paper or cardboard, because they are easy to bite or tear through. Plus it makes your pantry look organized, so it’s a win-win.
  3. Rotate and Replace. Try to use your food before it goes bad, but if you buy something new, rotate it out to extend their shelf life.
  4. CAYGO. You may have heard your mom preach this when you mess up her kitchen, but the rule of thumb is always to Clean as You Go. Crumbs are your enemy!
  5. Pesticides are a Last Resort. However, if it comes to that, your local supermarket. The only issue is, they are toxic and can be harmful. It’s imperative that you identify which pantry pest is squatting in your kitchen, because different pests have different formulas for the pesticides.

These are all safety measures that you can take to make sure you are free of any pantry pests, but that doesn’t mean that these steps are 100% foolproof. The best way to make sure you are completely rid of all pests would be to hire a professional.

At Addison Exterminating, you can ensure that your home will be pest-free and safe. They have special pesticides that are safer for your home, and their technicians are constantly learning better and safer ways to service your home. For a quote, contact Addison Exterminating today.

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