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Common Areas Mosquitoes Breed

Mosquitoes are one of the biggest summertime pests, largely because they carry the threat of disease. The West Nile virus, malaria parasite, and even rare diseases, such as Chikungunya, are all carried by mosquitoes. Controlling them is crucial for both you and your family's health and the public health at large. One must know where they breed to be able to combat them effectively. Certain breeding areas, such as stagnant ponds, are obvious, but there are others that might even seem innocuous at first.

Let's say you're doing some landscaping, and it begins to rain. You set the stands of the wheelbarrow down and run for cover. The next day dawns bright and sunny, and you decide to go play golf instead of finishing up the landscaping. You forget all about the wheelbarrow, which is now full of water: instant mosquito breeding ground. The same holds true of other containers left outside. Even plastic cups left over from a family barbecue that sit for too long can turn into "mosquito condos."

Know Where Mosquitoes Live and How to Prevent Them

It's hardly to be believed, but even an upside-down screw top from a wine or soda bottle will give these pests a place to breed. It's imperative to clean up as well as possible after any outdoor function during mosquito season. You want to leave nothing out that could catch and hold standing water.

One place that people often forget is their gutters. Particularly in the fall, gutters and downspouts can both become clogged and create standing water. You don't have to have them cleaned every week to keep them free-flowing. Checking them monthly would be a good idea, however. That way, you can take action as needed.

It's not possible to keep mosquitoes from breeding at all because there are just too many of them. To protect yourself, wear long sleeves and pants and apply DEET-based repellents. Be sure to follow the applicable instructions for applying the repellent to your face. Addison Pest Control can advise you on how best to fight a mosquito infestation, protect yourself and your loved ones, and have as mosquito-free a spring and summer as possible.

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