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How to Spot Signs of Termites

Damage done by termites is often not seen until it's too late. Fortunately, there are a few signs of termites that you can see if you suspect that they are in your home so that you can get rid of them before any structural damage is done. Most termites live in groups. They begin to swarm when the weather turns warm and humid. If there are termites in your home or near your home, then you can sometimes see them swarming to find a new location to build a new tunnel or nest. Some termites will swarm when they begin to mate. Soon after mating or coming in contact with a heat source, they will die off, leaving their wings behind. You can usually see the bodies as well, especially if they swarm inside the house.

Examine the exterior of the home to look for termite tunnels. They can easily be seen between bricks and cement blocks and look like roots that you might see from trees or plants. These tubes are important to termites because they offer protection and a way for them to quickly move from one location to another. Sometimes, you can see these tunnels outside in the yard, especially if they are large in size and extend above the ground. Some termites create blowholes in trees. These look like an ordinary hole, but the termites will begin to eat away at the wood of the tree from the inside out, weakening the tree to the point that it dies.

If there are several termites inside the home, then you can often hear them inside the walls or underneath the floors. A thin layer of wood is often left in place while the termites eat away the inside or the meat of the wood. Wooden furniture, floors, and walls will become weak, and you can sometimes easily punch holes in the wood that has been destroyed by the insects. Hollow wood of any kind usually indicates that termites are present or have been in the area. Contact Addison Pest Control and let our pest experts check for the presence of termites and quickly exterminate them.

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