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a red ant colony eating food

Step-By-Step Guide to Ant Prevention for Dallas Homeowners

May 14, 2020

Ants in Dallas are numerous. There are several different species, including fire ants, acrobat ants, Pharoah ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and black ants. Each of these ants presents its own threat to people. Some are more dangerous than others. The fire ant, for instance, is aggressive and will attack if provoked or if the colony is threatened. There can be hundreds or thousands of fire ant “stings” if this ha... Read More

a paper wasp crawling on a nest

What Every Dallas Homeowner Ought To Know About Paper Wasps

April 15, 2020

You would do anything to defend your home and the people inside it, correct? Most homeowners would. The only question is, what happens when someone else builds their home on your property? Are they in the right to defend their home from you? When it comes to wasps, the answer is a definitive, no. If you feel threatened, walking out into your yard because of dangerous wasps, we are here to help. Here are some things every Dallas homeowner ought... Read More

a colony of swarming termites crawling on a wall

How To Identify Termite Activity When It's Swarming Season In Dallas

March 16, 2020

You have probably heard of termites, but have you ever seen one, up close and personal? Chances are you have but didn’t know it. Despite typically being underground pests that avoid sunlight at all costs, some termites may be seen buzzing about this time of year. We are talking about termite swarmers.... Read More

a flock of pigeons outdie of a dallas texas commercial building

The Pigeons In Dallas Are More Than Just Tiresome

January 17, 2020

When we think of pests, we usually picture nasty crawlers like insects or rats, but pests can also be nuisance birds such as pigeons. In Dallas, they can be seen all over: nesting on top of (and inside) buildings, rooting around in dumpsters and trash cans.... Read More

a house mouse in a frisco texas food pantry

3 Things You Should Know About Rodents In Frisco

December 16, 2019

Rodents are complicated creatures. They want to live in our homes but want nothing to do with us. They are happy to steal our food from our pantries but aren't willing to replenish it themselves. In short, rodents are lazy and demanding.... Read More

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