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What to Do When You Find a Wasp Nest on Your Property

Wasps commonly swarm around outside when the weather is warm. However, you could have a wasp nest on your property that you don't know about that needs to be removed as soon as possible. Once a nest is made, the wasps can quickly build it up to a point where there are several wasps in one area. These wasps will begin to swarm around the yard and possibly enter the home. Addison Pest Control can remove the nest if you don't feel safe removing it and spray products that can keep wasps from lingering in the future.

There are a few ways that you can remove a wasp nest from your property, but you need to take the proper care in removing the nest to decrease the chances of getting stung. Wear gloves, a safety mask and other protective gear to keep the skin covered while you're trying to remove the nest. Try to wait until the sun goes down because most wasps will retreat back to the nest and not swarm around as much as they do during the day. Many nests will contain hundreds, if not thousands, of wasps. Most wasps will build a nest in a corner or the home, in a tree or log or in an area that is dark and unattended. Most nests look like an umbrella that has been turned upside down. The adults will begin to get defensive because they are trying to protect the nest and the younger wasps. If they suspect that you are threatening their home, they will often sting because it's their only line of defense. Once one wasp begins to sting, hormones are released, attracting more wasps.

Follow the direction of the wasps to see where they go on your property. They will often lead you to the nest. Most of the time, wasps build nests from chewed wood. Although the nest seems fragile, it's very strong and is sometimes difficult to get down once it gets larger in size. If you know that you're allergic, you shouldn't try to remove the nest on your own. However, if you feel that you can remove it, begin by spraying insecticide on the nest to kill as many wasps as possible.

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