Lewisville Rat Control

Rat infestations should be taken very seriously. The last thing to which you want to expose your family is the possibility of any of the diseases that may be transmitted by rats in your house. These include bubonic plague, rat-bite fever, Weil's disease, murine typhus, salmonella and a host of other diseases. Just the thought of rats in the house can send chills up your spine. Lately we have been getting a lot of calls from people in Lewisville, and thought it would be a good idea to talk about our rodent services.

There are several telltale signs of rats invading your home:


Rat droppings are typically small dark colored elliptically shaped pellets about one centimeter in length found along wall or under low objects.

Scratching Sounds

Scratching sounds within your walls or under your floors indicate that a creature of some has invaded your home. These are usually heard most often after dark and within areas there are inaccessible.

Rat Runs and Holes

Rats will use the same pathways to enter or exit the house creating obvious runs. Rats will gnaw at small opening to enlarge them and leave signs of their handiwork in the form of small shavings or newly exposed wood.

Rats invade homes in search of food. If you suspect even one rat in your house you should take this possibility very seriously. If you find one rat in your house there are probably more, or there will be soon.

In addition to the spread of diseases, rats can cause significant damage to your house. Rats will gnaw on almost any material in order to trim their ever-growing incisors. Rats have been known to gnaw through siding, insulation, wiring and plumbing. Rats can contaminate large quantities of foodstuffs by leaving behind feces or urine while they are feeding.

Leave it to the Professionals

Eliminating rats from your home is best left to professional exterminators. Rat control can become a public safety issue and professional exterminators are highly trained to eradicate rats while minimizing any potential harm to pets, landscaping or structures. We will assess your situation, exterminate any existing rat infestation, and take the necessary steps to prevent rats from returning.

If you suspect rats in your home or neighborhood, don’t delay in giving us a call. Ignoring the problem will only allow it to get worse. We serve the entire Northern Dallas Metro area, and would be happy to come out to your home.