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McKinney Mouse Control

Mouse pest control is not as simple as just setting some traps and walking away. Mice always seem to just show up out of nowhere. Mice are very quick and agile and can make their way across a room in seconds. Because they’re so quick and crafty, it’s difficult to implement a successful DIY mouse pest control strategy. Mice can fit through spaces barely over a 1/4” in diameter, so if there’s an opening in a car, farm equipment, truck, crack, or a hole in a building, they will probably make their way in. This makes just about any place susceptible to an invasion. Also, because mice can climb walls made of just about any material, it doesn’t matter if the hole or crack is high or out of reach. Mice have been recorded to jump distances greater than 3 feet with a running start, and higher than a foot in the air to reach other obstacles. Mice are extremely agile and will find their way into places you never thought you would find them.

To properly remove or exclude such an animal, you must truly understand them. Addison Pest Control Company does just this. Mouse pest control and mouse removal is a specialty and is done very thoroughly to ensure the visitors do not return.