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Frisco Home Pest Proofing

Pest proofing your home is the easiest way to keep unwanted guests out. Taking a few minutes to review small sections of the house can help block all kinds of creatures. When cold seasons and weather conditions arise, creatures look for a safe warm place to live. Most of these critters will damage your home, and leave droppings wherever they go. It is important to choose a professional who is qualified to perform vital preventative services.

Plano Pests

Ants, rats, roaches and crickets enter homes through slits and holes. It is difficult to deal with a nest that has been established for weeks, months or even years. The bigger the problem, the better off you are with an experienced exterminator.

Our Methodology

We use the right materials and techniques to seal holes and cracks, and block entryways. Many homeowners do not seal these areas properly, so the problem is never really solved. We have the knowledge to look for all sorts of hidden areas and openings. If an opening is just covered with cloth or wood, animals will chew through it again.

Every door and window in the house must be in top condition so that it opens and closes properly. Vents and drains may need tight screens that are not easy to chew through. To deter small insects, caulking is done to the sides and edges of doors. Some doors can be outlined with strong seals. Also, clearing out and cleaning up messes gets rid of hiding places. We have an exhaustive checklist that we go through as we walk through your home.

Time for a Home Inspection

As the weather begins to cool off, the need for pest proofing services goes up. If you would like a seasonal inspection, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate.