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Pigeon Removal

Pigeons, otherwise known as rock doves, are pesky birds. Originally brought to America as pets, they quickly overpopulated and became a nuisance bird. These irritating feathered fiends tend to swarm around anywhere there may be a source of food. Mostly flocking to parking lots, beaches and some commercial buildings, pigeons are a nuisance for homeowners, property managers, building owners and architects alike. Our Pigeon Control & Pigeon Removal Services is the solution. Pigeon Control or Removal is more than just removing or excluding the animals from the premises. Proper pigeon Control involves keeping these irritating animals away from your home, or building permanently. Pigeons are not the only birds Addison handles. They are capable of ridding your office or home of any and all pest birds. Addison Pest Control Company has the expertise to properly and permanently remove Pigeons and other bird pests from your home of office!