Seal-N-Kill Protective Barriers

If you are looking for a way to keep schools, cruise ships, offices, hotels or homes clean and free from nasty pathogens, you might be wondering what option will provide you with the desired outcome. 

You could try placing hand sanitizing stations around your property and encouraging people to use them, but doing so is not as effective as you might think. The good news is that you can turn to Seal-N-Kill antimicrobial barriers for protection on which you can depend. The product comes in 50-foot roles and packages of 24 push plates, and using them will allow you to keep pathogens at bay and to safeguard your health.

Easy to Apply

When you want to keep your property safe from harmful pathogens but don't want to waste time, Seal-N-Kill is the solution for which you have been searching. You can apply it to almost any surface that you want to protect, and bacteria won't stand a chance. You will cut the Seal-N-Kill barrier to the desired size and put it in position, and your job will be done. It will stay in place and provide continuous protection from microbes that cause the cold, flu and a range of other illnesses that you will want to avoid. 

No Chemicals

You might be concerned about harsh chemicals when you are trying to safeguard your property from viruses, but you won't need to worry about that issue when you opt for Seal-N-Kill. Rather than using chemicals that could cause eye or skin irritation, Seal-N-Kill relies on copper and silver ions that bind with pathogens and stop them in their tracks. This option is environmentally friendly and won't put people or pets in harm's way, offering a safe and powerful way to control a range of contagions. 

Easy to Use

Although a little research will reveal many solutions that promise to get the job done right, few of them are as efficient as Seal-N-Kill. When you find a surface that you want to protect, you can cut the desired size and place it in position, and it will stay in place without trouble. In less than one minute of work, you can protect door handles, handrails, mailboxes and more. You will reduce the number of pathogens in the area and achieve peace of mind before you know it. 

Lasts for up to a Year

If you use hand sanitizing stations, you will need to refill them on a regular basis if you don't want your protection to expire, but doing so requires an investment of time and money. Using Seal-N-Kill helps you overcome that roadblock by providing you with long-lasting protection from viruses, bacteria and other infectious material. 

Once you apply it to the area you want to safeguard, it will work for up to a year. You can even use Seal-N-Kill outdoors without worrying about the weather or cold temperatures. When you need to clean your barriers, you can do the trick by wiping the scratch-resistant surface with a paper towel. 

Getting Started

No matter the environment you would like to protect from pathogens, Seal-N-Kill will work wonders and provide you with impressive results. After you complete the simple application process, it will offer months of sanitation and won't let you down. When your goal is to maintain a healthy and comfortable property, you can get started right away.