T·A·P Pest Control Insulation

T·A·P is a natural fiber insulation treated with boric acid and other proprietary formulations to produce fire-retardant, environmentally-friendly, thermally superior, sound-deadening insulation with pest-controlling properties. T·A·P is acceptable for use around humans and pets, but deadly to cockroaches, silverfish, ants, termites, and many other crawling insects. T·A·P is a U. S. EPA-labeled pesticide.

T·A·P is the result of a revolutionary merger of two well-respected technologies—natural cellulose insulation and natural borate pesticides—creating Thermal, Acoustical & Pest Control Insulation, the only stabilized pest control insulation. As part of a total pest management package, T·A·P can be used to cap existing insulation in attics, or can be installed in the attics, walls and crawl-spaces of new construction.

T·A·P pays for itself quickly in reduced energy costs and then continues to save you money for the life of the structure.

T·A·P Qualities and Benefits

  • Fire-retardant
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Thermally superior
  • Sound-deadening
  • Pest-controlling

Pest control insulation, while performing the other functions of thermal and acoustical insulation, is labeled to control listed insects. By Federal law, such insulation (and the manufacturing plant) must be registered with the US EPA, and carry an EPA-approved label. Additionally, the product must be registered with the pest control authorities in each state in which it is sold or manufactured.

You will find that there is a good reason why the Sentricon System is the number one brand in termite protection.

How is T·A·P installed?

Blown-in T·A·P forms a perfect fit in your wall or attic when applied, seeking nooks and crannies, filling the entire cavity. As every homebuilder knows, stud cavities are not uniform in size; thus, gaps and voids form when uniformly sized batts are used. Unlike fiberglass batts, T·A·P is never cut on the job-site, or stuffed into the cavity to fit behind pipes and conduits, reducing the R-Value. With T·A·P, the R-Value stays in the insulation! And that means the added value stays in the home and becomes a permanent benefit you can sell to the next owners.