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Wasp Control

Wasps are known to be social insects in colonies that can number into the thousands. Colonies started by a single queen early in spring, typically stay small for the first couple months, growing gradually. Midway through summer, a colony of wasps located on or near a household will surely become an irritation. These insects are very aggressive especially when their nest is disturbed, inflicting painful stings repeatedly. Not like the honeybee that can only sting once before it dies, a wasp is capable of stinging multiple times and often does just that. Colonies that are found near or attached to the home should be dealt with immediately due to the health risks involved. Due to the health hazards involved with such pests, a professional should be contacted such as Addison Pest Control Company for wasp removal. Should you discover a colony near or on your home, contact Addison immediately for wasp control services. You don’t want to risk a swarm of relentless stings coming your way if not handled properly.