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McKinney Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are scavengers, and will eat virtually anything a human would eat, and a lot that we wouldn’t. Cockroaches like sugary foods, starches, meats, and grease. When they cannot find food, roaches have even been known to go cannibalistic, eating one another. In some cases, they will even eat household items such as toothpaste, glue, or soap. Cockroaches are typically only seen at night, as they are nocturnal, but if disturbed them or you have a large population you’re more apt to see them during the day.

Just one female cockroach can lay up to 35,000 eggs in one year. Usually a nest can be found in wall voids, and other dark places. Cockroaches can very easily cause a severe infestation if they are not properly treated. Some companies attack cockroach pest control with sprays, but that rarely controls them. No, the best form of cockroach pest control is baiting them. Addison Pest Control Company is very familiar with handling these irritating infestations. Trust in Addison to take care of any and all of your pest control needs.