The Trick To Effective Spider Control In Dallas


Dallas is a large city with plenty of opportunity for everything: housing, business, entertainment, recreation, and dining. It’s a great place to live for you and your family, but there’s one problem: it’s also a great place for spiders. They thrive in the area and don’t mind sharing your home. Unfortunately, if spiders come to visit they can bring problems with them. Spiders can make a mess with their webs and discarded insect remains and potentially introduce you, your family, and your pets to venomous spider bites.

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Characteristics Of A Spider

Contrary to popular belief, spiders aren’t insects but arachnids. Here are some features of arachnids:

  • They possess eight legs instead of the six legs that insects have.
  • They don’t have antennae.
  • They don’t have wings.
  • Instead of three body parts - head, thorax, and abdomen, they only have two: a cephalothorax and abdomen.
  • Almost all spiders possess venom that they use to immobilize their prey. 

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Spider Bites Can Be Dangerous 

Spiders are generally not aggressive and seek to avoid contact with humans. However, they will bite if they feel threatened, and many encounters with spiders are accidental and unexpected, making spider removal important. Spiders like to hide behind and beneath things, and you can get bitten simply by moving items around in your own home. 

Some spiders possess powerful venom they use to immobilize prey, which is strong enough to cause symptoms in humans. Black widow and brown recluse bites, for instance, can cause profuse sweating, difficulty breathing, and blood pressure problems, which can eventually lead to hospitalization. Children and pets are often affected the most because they are naturally curious.

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Creating A Spider-Unfriendly Home Environment

The best form of spider control is keeping them away in the first place. Here are some ways  you can decrease your home’s attractiveness to spiders:

  • Eliminate or seal garbage: Garbage is highly attractive to insects and readily draws them. Spiders will then follow the insects onto your property.
  • Reduce clutter: Insects and spiders love nesting in and exploring clutter. Reducing or eliminating it can help decrease your property’s attractiveness to them.
  • Seal your home: Insects and spiders will exploit openings outside your house to gain entry to your home. Sealing eliminates these easy ways onto your property.

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Professional Spider Control: When To Call In The Experts

As a whole, spiders can be challenging to treat utilizing ineffective DIY pest control techniques. Spiders are generally solitary hunters; you should address them with highly tailored pest control efforts. They don’t respond well to bait traps, and generic surface treatments are not historically effective. Spiders can survive and thrive if you fail to provide the necessary treatments. 

Utilizing professional pest control services allows you to tailor the proper pest treatments to the pests you are facing.  With them comes their considerable knowledge and skill to bear on the problem. You get the benefit of extensive knowledge of pet infestations and treatments without dealing with them yourself and the assurance that they will remove spider infestations in Dallas the right way the first time.

Spider control in Dallas is easy when you let the professionals do the heavy lifting. If you have spiders, you need Addison Pest. Call us today for help with spiders.