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Dallas, TX Pest Control

With nearly two million people within the city limits and almost 8 million in the metropolitan area, Dallas is a modern urban metropolis that thrives. Residents love the broad variety of entertainment options and the temperate climate. With average highs ranging from 57 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, residents can enjoy outdoor activities almost any time of the year. Unfortunately, the urban nature of Dallas combined with its humidity and warmth also makes it an ideal place for different types of pests. If you have a pest control problem, the expert technicians at Addison Pest Control can help you to get it taken care of quickly so that you can enjoy a healthier life.


Termites are a major problem for home and business owners in Dallas. Subterranean termites live throughout Dallas in underground nests. Unfortunately, these tiny insects feed on wood fiber, meaning that they can quickly cause extensive damage to your home. Each colony of termites may have as many as 2 million insects, which may feed on the wooden parts of your home around the clock. If termites are able to get inside of your home, they can cause so much damage in as little as a year that the wooden components can begin to crumble. If you see signs of termites, it is very important that you call Addison Pest Control as soon as possible so that we can eradicate the colonies and prevent new termites from re-establishing their presence on your property and in your home. Our experts use the Sentricon System in your yard and in your home. This system attracts termites inside to feed. When the termites return to their colony with the food from the bait stations, they poison the entire colony, eradicating it.


Rodents are among the most common types of pests that plague residents of Dallas. Mice, squirrels and rats can all move from residence to residence, spreading disease and causing damage. Mice are able to squeeze into your home through tiny openings. Squirrels may infest your attic and cause damage to your insulation and wiring. If you see a mouse or rat in your home, there likely are more hidden somewhere inside. Breathing rodent droppings can make you and your family sick and cause respiratory issues. These animals also carry a number of different disease-causing organisms, making it vital for you to clear them out of your home and to prevent them from returning. Addison Pest Control is able to identify where the rodents in your home are nesting and to remove them from your home. We can also identify their entry points so that we can seal them, preventing a recurring problem. If there is damage that has been caused by a rodent infestation, we can identify it for you so that you can get any needed repairs.

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