Superior Pest Solutions For Home & Business Owners In Dallas, Texas

Are pests causing problems in your northeastern Texas home or business? Do you wish there were a safe, effective, and affordable option to get rid of all your pest problems? If so, Addison Pest Control Of Texas has what you need for a pest-free property! Our pest control services include the highest-quality products and treatment methods available for a variety of common Texas pests. If you have a pest problem, we have a solution! We have been serving the communities of Texas since 1986 and always strive to improve our services. Our friendly experts are ready to assist you with all of your pest control needs. For affordable, reliable pest control options, look no further than Addison Pest!

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Home Pest Control In Dallas, TX

Your Dallas home should be the place you can have fun with your family and relax after a stressful day at work. However, pest infestations cause extra stress and frustration to your life. Whether it's bed bugs, rodents, wasps, or any other pest that invades your property, a multitude of problems are sure to follow. Avoid the damage, disease, and stress pest infestations cause when you trust the professionals at Addison Pest Control Of Texas with all your pest problems.

At Addison Pest, we offer several different residential pest control plans to accommodate the specific needs of your home and budget. All of our home pest control programs include quarterly service visits with a pest-free guarantee and cover over sixteen common pests, including pest-specific treatment options for bed bugs, termites, and local wildlife. If pests return between service visits, our team of licensed pest technicians will return to treat your home – free of charge! Protect your home from pests with a home pest control plan from Addison Pest.

The Most Common Rodents Found In Dallas, TX

Rodents are a common problem for many properties here in Dallas, as well as across the United States. Mice and rats are known for the destruction they cause by gnawing on books, furniture, pipes, wiring, and personal belongings. In addition, rodents are some of the most common carriers of diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, and tularemia.

There are many types of rodents found here in Dallas, Texas. A few of the most common rodents in our area include house mice, roof rats, Norway rats, and squirrels. Keeping bothersome rodents out of your Dallas home or business is an important part of protecting your property and anyone who enters it. Addison Pest Control Of Texas provides extensive rodent control services for both residential and commercial property owners. It is our goal to provide you with safe, effective, and quality services at an affordable price. Whether you require rodent removal or prevention services, our pest control professionals are ready to give you the help you need.

Commercial Pest Control In Dallas, TX

Running a business is all about taking care of your customers and ensuring that you meet their needs 100% of the time. No matter what industry your Dallas company falls under, the fact is that producing quality goods or services, as well as offering attentive customer service, is always the road to success! When pests infiltrate your office building or manufacturing facility, however, providing your customers with high-quality results becomes much more complicated. Pests cause problems by contaminating food items, damaging equipment, destroying products, spreading diseases, and otherwise creating a dangerous environment for your customers and staff.

At Addison Pest Control Of Texas, we understand that you don’t always have time to manage pest infestations in addition to the demands and responsibilities of your Dallas business. Our commercial pest control programs cover a wide variety of common Texas pests and include everything from advanced treatments to exclusion services. No matter the pest problem you’re facing, Addison Pest has the experience, equipment, and dedication you need to maintain a pest-free business!

Learn More About Bed Bug Control Solutions In Dallas, TX

Each year, bed bugs become more resistant to general pest control measures. Pesticides become less effective and treatments that once created bed bug-free properties are falling short. This has pushed the professionals here at Addison Pest to seek new solutions for the growing bed bug problem. In our search for effective bed bug solutions, we utilize bed bug heat treatments. This eco-friendly option treats your home or business for bed bugs by sectioning off and heating infested areas to a temperature that eliminates bed bugs in all stages of their development. This treatment method leaves behind no residual chemicals and is completely safe for you, your family, and your property.

Addison Pest Control Of Texas is ready to send one of our licensed pest technicians to inspect your home or business for bed bugs and work with you to find a solution that fits into your schedule. If you believe bed bugs or other pests are inhabiting your Dallas, TX property, don't hesitate to reach out to Addison Pest today!

Five Tips For Dallas Homeowners To Prevent Mosquitoes

Each spring, mosquitoes begin to bother Dallas homeowners, leaving behind itchy bites that may even be harmful. Mosquitoes in the areas can be the source of West Nile virus and St. Louis encephalitis, as well as heartworm in dogs. Because there’s no way to know if a mosquito is carrying these pathogens, it’s important to prevent them at all costs. Here are five tips to prevent mosquitoes:

  1. Start with yourself. Female mosquitoes are lured to people because of the promise of their blood. To make yourself unenticing, use unscented hygiene products, drink less alcohol, and stay indoors during dusk and dawn. 
  2. Look for standing water. Mosquitoes also need somewhere damp to lay their eggs and they prefer stagnant water. If you have birdbaths, turn over the water routinely. It’s also important to make sure that water doesn’t settle in flower pots, buckets, or other backyard structures. 
  3. Keep landscaping tidy. Reduce the number of places where mosquitoes can hide by scaling back hedges and trees, as well as removing leaf piles and other clutter. 
  4. Create a garden. Citronella, lavender, basil, and mint all contain natural properties that may repel mosquitoes, so consider planting them. 
  5. Enlist professional services. The most effective way to see fewer mosquitoes is with seasonal barrier protection from a pest control expert. They can target all of the hard-to-reach areas as well as breeding sites. 

For more information on seasonal mosquito control, call Addison Pest Control today.

The Answer To Wildlife Activity Around Your Dallas Home

If you’re experiencing a wildlife problem around your Dallas home, you’re going to want to do everything in your ability to keep them away. Here are a few helpful tips to that end:

  • Use decoys. Try setting scarecrows, owls, and coyote decoys around your property and rearranging them on a regular basis. 
  • Keep on top of the trash. If you keep any garbage bins outside, make sure that they are never overflowing, always use a sealed lid, and don’t miss trash pickup. 
  • Eliminate water accumulation. Wildlife also needs a water source, so make sure that no pipes or exterior plumbing are leaking. You will also want to clear out pets’ water bowls daily and keep buckets from collecting water. 

The safest and most reliable way to keep these animals off of your property is with professional wildlife control from Addison Pest Control. Call us today for more information.

How Termites Get To Dallas Homes And What Attracts Them

Termites are very crafty pests that will do anything that they need to in order to access wood to eat. Dallas homeowners are more vulnerable to termite infestations than they might think for a few reasons. The mere presence of wood can be enough to attract termites. If there is any water damage or moisture available, then it might make things even more enticing to termites. Subterranean termites access homes via soil and then through foundations, which is why it’s possible for subterranean termites to spread from one property to the next. If homeowners use too much mulch that’s placed right on top of the foundation, then it might make it easier for them to enter. 

Drywood termites live up to their name and seek out wood that is very dry. They often infiltrate decks, sheds, garages, and siding that has not been properly treated or that is thirsty. Drywood termites usually take advantage of preexisting holes or crevices and eat across the wood’s grain. Dampwood termites are also aptly named and prefer walls that have undergone a mold problem as a result of undetected water problems. They may be drawn out after a big rainfall, too. 

For complete termite protection, call Addison Pest Control today.

How To Reduce Your Risk For Wasp Stings In Dallas

The wasps in Dallas can be a real threat. They are a very possessive type of pest and can get very protective if they think that you are threatening them. Wasps also have the ability to sting people multiple times, which can lead to swelling, nausea, and difficulty breathing. Here are a few ways that you can reduce your risk of stings this season:

  • Dress down. Flashy prints and sweet smells are very enticing to wasps, so opt for light-colored clothing that doesn’t have prints and forego scented shampoos, perfume, and hygiene products.
  • Take a look at your garden. Wasps are naturally attracted to the pollen that’s contained in bright, sweet flowers. Instead of having these around your property, consider planting fresh herbs, marigolds, and lemongrass. 
  • Be mindful of garbage. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party or simply keeping trash bins in the yard, make sure that they always have a proper cover. It’s also very important not to miss trash collection day. 
  • Ask for help. One of the most effective ways to prevent wasps is to remove their old or active nests, and this is a task that is best left to the professionals. A pest expert can also deliver barrier treatments and other advice. 

For more information on wasp control in Dallas, call Addison Pest Control today.


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