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Did You Know Addison Offers Lawn Care Services?

Home and business owners count on Addison Pest Control for pest services that get the job done. We offer a wide range of preventive treatments and extermination services to suit all your pest control needs. But did you know we also offer lawn care services? The Addison team provides the same level of quality to our Frisco and Dallas lawn care customers that they've come to expect from our pest control technicians, wildlife exclusion specialists and handyman professionals.

Get a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn

Proper lawn care is an important part of your home maintenance routine. Professional lawn services help ensure the health and beauty of your yard. A thriving lawn enhances your home's curb appeal and provides a safe, comfortable place for your family to enjoy the outdoors. Whatever the size of your lawn, ensuring its health is a must. Whether you live in the city, suburbs or country, a well-maintained yard shows that you take pride in your home.

Prevent Lawn Pests

Lawn care professionals can detect potential pest problems. Regular lawn maintenance prevents fire ants, caterpillars, grubs, chinch bugs and other critters from damaging your grass and landscaping. Some of these pests eat grass and grass roots, while others build unsightly mounds around your lawn. With the right care, you and your family can safely enjoy a pest-free yard for all your outdoor fun.

Avoid Lawn Diseases and Weeds

Your lawn shows signs of disease, often in its early stages. Lawn care specialists can identify developing problems and create treatment strategies based on those cues. Brown spots will also become a thing of the past, even in the hottest Texas weather. And you don't have to tackle the sometimes overwhelming chore of weed control anymore. Our knowledgeable lawn techs safely and effectively get rid of weeds for a more attractive, comfortable outdoor space.

From eliminating brown spots to keeping lawn pests at bay, our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to tackle all your lawn care problems and concerns. Whether you have a small parcel of land or acres of green space, count on Addison Pest Control for thorough, safe, effective lawn care. We serve customers in Frisco, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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