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Garbage Disposal Helpful Tips To Avoid Pests

Having to deal with the unwanted house guests can be annoying! But, if you take a little time and follow some simple tips for your garbage disposal, then you can reduce your chances of seeing pests in your home. These tips will help you remove the food supply that attracts the pests.

There are two different areas that you should address, indoor and outdoor. You might think that once your garbage is outside you do not need to worry, but if the trash is close to your home, the pests may find their way in. So, to keep the pests from inviting themselves in, make sure to follow both the indoor and outdoor tips.

Food Disposal Indoors

One of the best ways to deter pests from coming into your home is keeping areas where food is stored or thrown away as clean as possible. You need to take a little extra time when cleaning up the kitchen area, as doing so can really combat against pests. Some helpful hints for the trash areas inside of your home include:

  • Take the garbage out before it starts to smell. The smell of rotten food attracts pests.
  • If something spills in the garbage can, you need to wash the can. Leaving the spill in the bottom of the can is just an invitation to the pests to come and get it!
  • To help control odor, try freezing your food waste. By freezing the food, you are eliminating the smell. When you eliminate the smell, you are not advertising to the pests that you have food for them.
  • Rinsing out food containers before placing them in the garbage will help reduce the small crumbs or residues left on the packaging.

Outdoor Trash Areas

You may not realize that your outdoor trash area can lead pests to find their way inside your home. There are several things that you may want to look at when you dispose of your trash outside, such as:

  • Where are your trash cans in relation to your home? If the cans are too close to your home, pests can then travel into your home through cracks or vents.
  • Do your trash cans have lids? Do they fit tightly? Having trash cans without lids or improper fitting lids just invites trouble.
  • Plastic trash cans are good, but you need to check them often. Make sure there are no cracks or holes from animals or pests chewing on them. Many outdoor critters can put holes in the plastic cans.
  • Keep the area clean. Make sure you pick up any food or garbage that missed the trash cans.

Remember, the best thing that can deter pests from coming into your home and garbage area is the lack of food. If you take away the food supply, the pests and animals will not stay.

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