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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants On Your Dallas Property

June 15, 2021

Ever look at an ant and think to yourself, “That little bug is probably dangerous.”? Most people don’t think much about ants when they see them crawling around their home, besides wondering how they got inside and what they should do to get them back out. What they should be wondering is if the ants in their home are Pharaoh ants.... Read More

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A Helpful Guide To Keeping Dallas Rodents Out Of Your Home

November 13, 2020

Too often, homeowners only think of pest problems when they are apparent. By then, though, elimination can be nearly impossible and real dangers can be posed to you and your loved ones. Rodents are some of the trickiest and most dangerous pests, so it pays to learn how you can spot the signs of infestation early and take proper action.... Read More

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Step-By-Step Guide to Ant Prevention for Dallas Homeowners

May 14, 2020

Ants in Dallas are numerous. There are several different species, including fire ants, acrobat ants, Pharoah ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and black ants. Each of these ants presents its own threat to people. Some are more dangerous than others. The fire ant, for instance, is aggressive and will attack if provoked or if the colony is threatened. There can be hundreds or thousands of fire ant “stings” if this ha... Read More


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