Step-By-Step Guide to Ant Prevention for Dallas Homeowners

ants on food

Ants in Dallas are numerous. There are several different species, including fire ants, acrobat ants, Pharoah ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and black ants. 

Each of these ants presents its own threat to people. Some are more dangerous than others. The fire ant, for instance, is aggressive and will attack if provoked or if the colony is threatened. There can be hundreds or thousands of fire ant “stings” if this happens, resulting in painful burning and swelling up to even anaphylaxis, which can be fatal. 

Acrobat ants, however, are more of a nuisance. They won’t cause damage to your home, and they aren't known to transmit disease. They can give off a bad odor when disturbed and have been known to bite. In our ecosystem, carpenter ants are considered valuable because they chew wood and turn it into sawdust, making compost for the earth. This is a problem, however, when they enter homes and cause structural damage.

Regardless of the species, all ants are annoying and have the ability to bite. Some ants can carry and spread bacteria. This includes salmonella and diseases like dysentery and smallpox. The bottom line is, nobody wants these ants in their homes or even making colonies in their backyard. Here is a step-by-step guide to ant prevention for Dallas Homeowners

Can I Stop Ants From Getting Into My Dallas Home?

There are a lot of ant sprays, traps, and bait on the market. Many of these products are hit and miss and won’t stop an ant infestation once it begins. Most ant sprays are harmful to people and pets as well, making it important that you use them with caution. The absolute best way to keep ants out of your home is to keep it clean. Deny ants their food source. While most ants do build their nests and colonies outside, they can and will get into homes in search of food. All it takes is a few crumbs to attract them, and once they are in your home, they leave a trail inviting others to follow.
The following steps will help prevent ants from infesting your Dallas home:

  • Start by keeping your floors swept and mopped and your counters clean. Wipe around and under appliances and keep cupboards clean.

  • Get rid of their access to food and water. Even crumbs will attract ants. Be sure to pick up pet’s food and water at night. Don’t leave food lying around and keep all food properly sealed. Once ants find a food source, they leave a trail that invites other ants to take advantage of the buffet.

  • Find any openings ants can get into. This is easier said than done. Ants can enter through openings we may not be able to see. Fix broken screens and use fine mesh screen when possible. Make sure the foundation around your home is sealed, seal gaps in doors and windows, and use door sweeps if need be.

Seek Professional Pest Control Experts For Best Results

Addison Pest Control in Dallas has the knowledge and the methods for identifying ant problems in your Dallas home and helping you eliminate them. Even with your best efforts, ants are persistent enough to keep coming. DIY methods aren’t always effective and store-bought products can be ineffective or dangerous. Let the experts at Addison Pest Control help you get rid of ants in your home once and for all. We can even help you prevent them from returning and taking over your home. Reclaim your home with Addison Pest Control in Dallas. We have knowledgeable staff and offer customer care that goes above and beyond. Reach out to us today!