Frisco, TX Pest Control

For assistance with managing mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites or nuisance rodents in Frisco, Texas, call Addison Pest Control. You can count on our effective treatments and punctual service. Our professionals are qualified to manage all pests in residential and commercial settings. We excel at removing the most challenging infestations.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes frequently pop up in the Frisco area. There's no way to avoid them entirely, but effective pest control services can eradicate more than 90 percent of the population for approximately three weeks. Technicians will spray shrubs and dense vegetation where adult mosquitoes lurk, and they'll remove or treat standing water to prevent mosquito eggs from maturing. These comprehensive treatments are a good way to stamp out mosquitoes and reduce the presence of invasive species that carry diseases like Zika and West Nile virus. Our customers always remark, "It's so nice to go outside without having clouds of mosquitoes."

Bed Bug Treatments

These bloodsucking pests are infamous for causing numerous irritating bites and outbreaks of terror. Bug bugs are universally feared because they are difficult to eradicate. Insecticides aren't effective since these pests have virtually inaccessible hiding places around baseboards, behind outlet covers and in the crevices of mattresses and box springs. Adult bed bugs can survive for several months without feeding. Immature bed bugs need to feed more often since they are growing and molting. Unfortunately, bed bugs can find new hosts and invade homes without being detected. If you have found signs of bed bugs, it's important to act quickly and to get professional help.

Termite Control and Baiting Systems

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Homes in Frisco are not immune to these populous wood-destroying pests. In fact, the area has a very high risk of heavy infestations. Problems are frequently detected in the spring when members of the colony swarm. As the warm weather arrives, you might see winged termites buzzing around in groups or crawling on interior and exterior surfaces. Damage to wooden building materials, including decks, doors and window frames is another red flag. At Addison Pest Control, we use Sentricon to eradicate subterranean and Formosan termite colonies and their queens. This underground baiting system has protected more than 3 million homes since 1995.

Frisco Pest Control

Call Addison Pest Control the next time you wonder, "How can I find a pest control company?" Our courteous staff members are trained to remove insects, rodents and all common pests that are found in Frisco and the surrounding area.