Frisco, TX Pest Control

Frisco sits in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and is home to many residences and businesses. It's also home to various pests that thrive throughout the year thanks to the climate in Texas. Rodents, ants and other pest species make life miserable for both homeowners and business owners. If you have a problem with pests, Addison Pest Control has the answer.

Residential Pest Control

When pests get inside homes, they spread quickly. They're able to remain undetected in various cracks and crevices and can hide inside cabinets, behind dressers and inside attics and garages. Pest insects and rodents breed rapidly when there is plenty of food and water and if they have no predators around. We specialize in pest control and provide a variety of services for residents in Frisco, such as:

We also provide pest-proofing services to keep pests outside where they belong. We'll seal cracks, crevices and other openings where pests come inside and cause problems for you and your family.

Commercial Pest Control

Stopping insects and rodents from invading your business will keep your customers coming back. Whether you run a hotel, a restaurant or an office, it's important to take preventative action against pest infestations. If bed bugs invade your hotel or roaches infest your restaurant, it could have devastating effects on your profits and reputation. Our technicians provide commercial pest control services for many different businesses in Frisco, such as:

  • Investor Real Estate Facilities
  • Developer Real Estate Facilities
  • Builder Real Estate Facilities
  • Owner Occupied Facilities

Professional Pest Control in Frisco

Pest insects and rodents can get out of hand if you don't treat the problem right away. Some pests such as roaches and mice can contaminate your home or business, spreading diseases as they travel from one area to another. Contact Addison Pest Control to receive a free estimate and to get immediate service with our professional technicians. We'll treat the pests in your home or business and set up preventative barriers to keep them out for the foreseeable future.