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Mosquito Control

The mosquito has thrived since the time of the dinosaurs and is still a nuisance pest today. It feeds on the blood of both people and animals and is responsible for spreading numerous diseases such as the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Mosquitoes appear in early spring and breed until early fall, creating a real problem for several months. Addison Pest Control wants to protect your family by keeping your property clear of these invasive and dangerous insects.

Common Mosquito Infestation Area

Mosquitoes require water in which to breed, so you'll find them in places where standing water is present. The females only need about an inch of water in a bowl or in a driveway crevice to start the dreaded cycle. Some of the more common places where you can find mosquitoes breeding include:

  • Birdbaths
  • Buckets
  • Old tires
  • Plant catch plates
  • Tree holes

When these troublesome pests aren't on the hunt, they're resting on tall grass blades, underneath patio umbrellas, on shrubs and in less wind-prone areas like your covered deck.

Professional Mosquito Control in Texas

It starts with a thorough inspection.

Our professionally trained and knowledgeable technicians start by inspecting your property for possible infestation sites. After a proper inspection and correctly identifying the culprits, our technicians will plan the appropriate action.

We target their resting sites.

Our technicians will use a power sprayer to target mosquitoes on their favorite resting sites. Treating these key areas will significantly reduce their numbers and make them search for other areas to infest away from your home.

Targeting the perimeter is key

We'll treat the perimeter of your home and create a barrier within 10 feet of your exterior walls. We'll also treat the vertical space up to 3 feet off the ground, giving mosquitoes no place to rest before biting.

We'll prevent future infestations

Our certified technicians will prevent future mosquito infestations by finding and eliminating breeding sites. We can help you to identify holes, cracks and crevices where mosquitoes will breed and create a custom plan of action for you. We can also set up misting systems to ward off random mosquitoes that venture into your yard, thus keeping your family protected throughout the spring, the summer and the fall.

The Addison Pest Control Difference

Contact the quality professionals at Addison Pest Control for a free quote. We serve Plano and the entire Dallas area, helping to fight mosquitoes wherever they threaten people and pets. We'll not only eliminate mosquitoes from around your home; we'll also prevent them from coming back and causing problems for your family.