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Are Mosquitoes Making Outdoor Life Miserable?

If you enjoy spending time in your Dallas yard, you’re likely familiar with how annoying mosquitoes can be. They come out in hungry swarms and make it nearly impossible to spend time in your backyard. If that isn’t bad enough, mosquitoes are known carriers of many dangerous illnesses that they transmit to their victims. Keeping mosquitoes off your property entirely may be impossible, but Addison Pest Control of Texas can greatly reduce their populations to make being outside safe and enjoyable.

Mosquito Control From Addison Pest Control Of Texas

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Recurring Service

To protect your yard from mosquitoes all season long, we recommend recurring mosquito control treatments. We’ll visit your property regularly between April and October (we can also come in November depending on the weather).

During the treatment, we’ll use a backpack fogging machine to apply the treatment to trees, bushes, shrubs, and the entire lawn. This treatment targets adult mosquitoes in the areas where they are most likely to rest in shady spots during the heat of the day.


  • $39 initial fee, $69 for subsequent services for areas less than ½ an acre.

  • $49 initial fee, $79 for subsequent services for areas ½ an acre to an acre.

  • For areas over an acre, please contact us for a quote.

One-Time Service

If you have a special event coming up, you want it to be perfect. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin the important moments in your life. Addison Pest Control of Texas will apply a treatment in advance of your event to ensure that the mosquito populations on your Dallas property are as low as possible.

Some of the events we protect include:

  • Outdoor Weddings

  • Concerts

  • Barbeques

  • Graduation Parties

  • Many More

Warrantied Mosquito Control For Your Dallas Metro Property

When you choose Addison Pest Control of Texas for your mosquito control needs, you get service backed by our 30-day warranty. If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in the mosquito populations in your yard, we’ll return to re-treat at no additional cost. If you’re ready to enjoy your yard without the hassle and threat of mosquitoes, contact us today.


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