Park Cities, TX Pest Control

Park Cities consists of Highland Park and the City of University Park, and it has a combined population of around 30,000 residents. This area has mild summers and cool winters.

If you live here and like finding new sources of entertainment, you will never run out of new things to try in nearby cities. Park Cities is located near other major cities, and it's home to a variety of pests as a result. Addison Pest Control is here to help you handle any pests that come into your home or place of business.

Residential Pest Control

You can take many steps to keep pests out of your home, and you will likely experience some level of success along the way. The problem is that pests are persistent, and they will find a new way into your home if you block their preferred path.

You are unlikely to notice a pest outbreak in the first stages because most pests stay out of view for as long as possible. The team at Addison Pest Control will come to your home and defeat the invaders for good. When you see us in action, you will know contacting us was the smart choice.

Commercial Pest Control

Running a business in Park Cities has its own set of challenges and roadblocks you must face to stay ahead. If you are anything like many other business owners, you are so caught up in your daily operations that you sometimes forget to check for common pests. Pests that get inside your business spark bad reviews and fines from the health department, problems you won't want to face. When pests get into your business, you can count on Addison Pest Control to have your back, and our professional team gives you peace of mind.

Pest Control Services Offered

You could be wondering what pests we handle, which is a great question. We identify and eliminate all common pests in the area:

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In simple terms, we can handle almost any pest of which you can think. No pest can stand up to our trained, experienced and dedicated team of pest elimination professionals. When we come to your home or place of business, we have your needs at the front of our minds from the start.

We work hard and use the latest methods to achieve results of which you can be proud. No matter the pest problem with which you are dealing, we can contain the issue and give you peace of mind in no time. We invite you to pick up your phone and contact us for your free quote.