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Keep The Texas Wildlife Where It Belongs

Even the most enthusiastic animal lovers may find it a bit alarming when animals that belong in the wild end up in their home or business. From squirrels to skunks, when wildlife gets a little too comfortable in and around your property, it’s a cause for concern. Wild animals spread illnesses and parasites, and cause many types of damages to buildings that can be expensive to repair. If your local northeastern Texas wildlife gets too close for comfort on your property, Addison Pest Control Of Texas is here to help!

Wildlife Control With Addison Pest

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Addison Pest offers wildlife control services for a variety of animals that tend to cause issues for homeowners in northeast Texas. Whether they get into your attic, basement, walls, or outbuildings, we offer services that will safely remove them and prevent them from getting back inside your home or business.


When squirrels get inside, they can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. We will set one-way doors to allow the squirrels to exit your home before providing exclusion work and repairs to prevent them from getting back inside.


Whether pigeons have made their way inside or are becoming a nuisance outside your residence or place of business, Addison Pest can take care of them. By installing bird spikes and using Avitrol bait (a chemical frightening agent), we can safely remove pigeons from your home or commercial facility.

Opossums & Raccoons

For large invading wildlife, like opossums and raccoons, Addison Pest Control Of Texas sets up live traps within your home (typically in the attic) to ensure their capture. Once we remove the animals, we’ll provide effective exclusion work on the building to make sure that they can’t get back inside to cause any more problems.


No one wants a skunk anywhere near their house. You’ll undoubtedly know if one arrives because of the extremely strong odor. Addison Pest Control Of Texas provides outdoor live trapping and removal, as well as sealing all entry points to keep skunks from getting inside the building. We remove skunks across Dallas Metro and surrounding areas.

Trap Removal & Follow-Up

All of our wildlife services are done through humane trap and release methods. As part of your wildlife control service package, we will follow-up at regular intervals to check on the traps we have set on your property. However, if you discover an animal in one of our traps, you can call us, and we’ll come as soon as possible to collect it.

Our Guarantee

When Addison Pest Control Of Texas provides exclusion work for your home or commercial building, we offer a lifetime guarantee. Our procedures will ensure that the openings the pest invaders are coming in are completely blocked. You can feel confident contacting Addison Pest for all of your wildlife control needs. Reach out today!


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