Are These Ants Around My Dallas Home Dangerous?

ant up close

They may not all be able to physically endanger you, but these destructive household pests are excellent at finding creative ways of wreaking havoc all across your backyard. 

Ants might be small, but they are a huge threat when they invade in large numbers. Down here in the Dallas area, the warmer climate and sunny temperatures are perfectly conducive to supporting larger ant populations. This past winter was mild enough to allow many colonies to survive the cold season, which will bring a higher risk of infestation during the coming summer.

Although the physical appearance of an ant is largely related to its unique type, there are several physical characteristics that span across all species.

  • Ants have three body sections: a head, thorax, and abdomen. All ants have six legs. 

  • Most ants have large mandibles, but not all ants are capable of stinging their enemies. 

  • Ants have crooked or ‘elbowed’ antenna, which are used to see, feel, and communicate with their colony members. 

  • Ants build nests within hidden spaces; some underground, some inside wood, and some within the cracks of your driveway.

Many ants are considered nuisance pests only, meaning that they do not cause much damage to humans or pets. However, there are several ant species here in Dallas that are destructive or even physically harmful to vulnerable populations.

Nuisance Ants Vs. Dangerous Ants Vs. Damaging Ants: What Are The Risks?

There are six common species of ants here in the Southern United States, all of which pose their own unique threats to human activity.

Let’s look at some of the less harmful and more annoying varieties of ants in Texas.

  • Acrobat Ants: These flexible invaders boast heart-shaped abdomens and have been known to bite when disturbed.

  • Odorous House Ants: A smelly house guest, these ants are most attracted to the protein-rich foods in your easy-to-access cupboards.

  • Little Black Ants: An actual species of ant, the little black ant is a picnic-ruiner of epic proportions.

Food contamination is always a possibility with these ants, possibly leading to the spread of bacteria or dangerous viruses. Because of this, these ants should not be welcome in your home.

There are three more species of ants here in Dallas that are classified as dangerous by leading entomologists. They are:

  • Fire Ants: These red devils have a bite (technically a sting) that’s far worse than their bite.

  • Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants bore holes through even the most solid wooden structures, and weaken the "bones" of your home.

  • Pharaoh Ants: A menace to healthcare systems everywhere, pharaoh ants spread serious diseases from patient to patient. In some cases, this may lead to death.

Regardless of the ant species around your home, you will need fast and decisive action to root them out for good. To discover your ant treatment options, schedule a home inspection through Addison Pest Control today.

Contacting Addison Pest Control To Abate Angry Ants

No matter what type of ant has been marching against your home, you won’t want to try and face these tiny soldiers alone. Their physical protections against over-the-counter treatments, huge colony numbers, and ‘budding’ reproductive cycles may cause your infestation to worsen with every DIY treatment.

When you’re ready to restore order and balance to your home or lawn, contact the professionals at Addison Pest Control right away. After so many years in the pest control industry, our knowledgeable team has never faced a challenge they couldn’t handle. To get started with a pest control plan that’s right for you, reach out to our team via phone or by filling out the online contact form below. We’re looking forward to serving you.