How Worried Should I Be If I See Carpenter Ants Around My Dallas Property?


There are many pests that appreciate a good wooden meal, and these large and uninvited guests might just be the most conspicuous of them all. Carpenter ants are a frequent flier to the southern states of America. With relatively huge, dark-colored bodies measuring approximately 1/4 - 5/8 an inch long, they are easily distinguished from other ant species by their size alone.  

Just how bad can carpenter ants be? Homeowners will be relieved to know that entomologists are not as quick to destroy carpenter ants as they are termites. However, this does not render the species harmless. Given enough time, carpenter ants may compromise a structure entirely, contaminating food and preparation surfaces with a single stroll.  Unless professional pest control methods are employed, this ant species is almost impossible to get rid of using home remedies.

How To Tell If Your Dallas Home Has A Carpenter Ant Problem

It can be difficult to tell if your home has a carpenter ant problem. This is largely due to the prevalence of ants here in the Southern United States, but it can also be a byproduct of ‘seeing ants without seeing them’.

A lot of carpenter ant infestation signs are similar to those of termites. Unexplained water damage on the roof or walls, hollow-sounding structures, flying 'bugs' found indoors, and quiet scraping noises may act as an omen of what is to come. However, you are much more likely to see an ant than a termite, especially out in the open. Carpenter ants are large and particularly easy to spot compared to termites.

Preventing Carpenter Ants From Getting Into Your Dallas Home

If there are no obvious signs of carpenter ant infestation, it isn't time to celebrate just yet. Protect your home from the dangers of wood-eating pests by enacting the following prevention tips:

  • Have your wood pre-treated for wood-eating pests, and keep an eye on wooden structures for signs of rot or decay.

  • Stack firewood neatly and in a pile away from the sides of the home. The suggested distance is between 25 – 30 feet, although homeowners should decide on the right spacing according to their lawn and needs.

  • Seal off pest entry points with waterproof caulking. Specifically, check around door and window areas, and look for cracks near the foundations of the home.

You may be able to apply DIY treatments to your Dallas home, but all the preparation in the world won’t keep a carpenter ant infestation from occurring under the right circumstances. For help finding carpenter ants or other pests around your property, book your complimentary home inspection through Addison Pest Control today.

Control Unwanted Carpenter Ants With Help From Addison Pest Control

Carpenter ants aren’t just a one-time inconvenience; they are menacing, mandible-toting marauders that are capable of destroying the structural wood of your home. While prevention is a necessary part of protecting yourself from carpenter ant activity, it may not be enough to enact measures on your home by yourself.

To decrease costs, increase protections, and receive the highest quality in pest management, contact the Dallas, TX pest professionals at Addison Pest Control. At the first sign of carpenter ant infestation, our hardworking agents jump right into action inspecting problem areas, charting up plans of attack, and applying some of the best treatment methods on the market today.

Don't try to handle an infestation on your own. Call the trustworthy team at Addison Pest Control today, or fill out our online contact form for additional information. We're standing by and ready to deal with the little pests that cause big problems.