What To Do If You've Been Bitten By Mosquitoes In Dallas

mosquito on skin

Do you enjoy spending time out in your yard? Many people spend a lot of money sprucing up their outdoor living space. What these people don’t always suspect is that mosquitoes will be around to ruin the fun. These tiny biting pests are a big problem for property owners.

The question is, what should you do if a mosquito bites you in Dallas? We will answer this question today and offer helpful tips to control these pests. Call our team today if you are more interested in fast mosquito pest control in Dallas. We offer fast working plans to eliminate and deter these problematic yard pests.

What Do Mosquito Bites Look Like?

Have you ever wondered, “why do mosquitoes bite?”. What is interesting is that half of the mosquitoes don’t bite. It is only females that require blood. They gather blood by poking their sharp proboscis into human skin, and saliva is injected with the proboscis to prevent blood from clotting. Mosquito bites look different on different people. Some have a minimal reaction with little to no physical or visible symptoms. Others develop large, red, raised bumps that itch terribly. If you have spent enough time outdoors, you might already know how you react to mosquito bites. The good news is that these pests are non-venomous and aren’t life-threatening to people with venom allergies. They are, however, dangerous in other ways.

How To Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching?

There are many methods people recommend to cull the itch of a mosquito bite. Here is the process the CDC recommends:

  • Thoroughly wash the bites on your body with soap and water.
  • Place an ice pack on the wound for ten minutes.
  • Mix baking soda and water and apply the mixture to the wounds.
  • Purchase and use an over-the-counter anti-itch cream

If you follow these steps and still experience uncomfortable symptoms, consider seeking medical attention. Many diseases spread by mosquitoes come with uncomfortable symptoms that worsen if not treated. Here is some more information about the diseases you can get from mosquitoes.

How Mosquito Bites Can Be Dangerous

Are mosquitoes dangerous? Absolultely! Mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Each year these pests are directly responsible for over a million deaths. Most of these deaths happen in third-world countries where blood-borne diseases are rampant, and access to quality medicine is limited. Here in the United States, we do an excellent job limiting blood-borne disease spread. However, this doesn't mean that people don’t still get sick. Some common sicknesses you might contract from mosquitoes include malaria, West Nile virus, and chikungunya. The only way to avoid these uncomfortable conditions is to prevent bites altogether. Investing in professional mosquito control is a great way to do this on your property.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From You And Your Family

When it comes to getting rid of mosquitoes, you have no better option than to hire our experts at Addison Pest Control. Our trained technicians work hard to provide top-tier services to combat yard pests in Dallas. We will inspect your yard, identify mosquito breeding grounds, and utilize advanced pest control to protect your yard. We also offer comprehensive services for outdoor event centers. Regardless of what type of pest control you are looking for, we are sure to have an answer to your problem here.

Call now to schedule your Dallas property for a service visit and wave goodbye to mosquitoes.