What To Do If You Spot Termite Activity In Your Dallas Home


There aren’t many downsides to living in Dallas. The largest city in the South features cutting-edge entertainment, great food, and is home to some incredible sports franchises. One of the few drawbacks facing homeowners in Dallas is the problems that can arise from infestations of the various pests that inhabit Dallas. Out of all of the invasive pests that can cause harm, termites are one of the most dangerous. 

Clear Signs Of Termite Infestation In Your Home 

Termites are an extremely difficult pest to eliminate once they have invaded and begun infesting your property. One of the reasons that active termites are so hard to get rid of, and why they can be so incredibly dangerous, is due to how hard they are to detect in the first place. Homeowners typically find out that their property has an infestation only after discovering damage that the termites have already done. 
Some common signs of termites in your home are:  

  • Tiny holes in wooden parts of your home caused by termites burrowing into your property
  • Mud tubes around your property that are constructed and used by subterranean termites to enter sources of wood in your home. 
  • Clicking sounds coming from walls in your home as termites bang against their tunnels to communicate with each other.
  • Buckling wood on the ceiling or walls, or damage that looks similar to water damage. 

If you have seen any signs of termites in your home or anywhere on your property, it is crucial to act immediately to keep your property safe. Reach out to the team of certified pest technicians at Addison Pest Control for expert advice on how to protect your home from termites. 

How Termites Can Silently Destroy Your Home

While species have slight variations in preferences and behaviors, all termites are attracted to and feed on wood. Unlike most types of pests, you will not spot termites crawling up your walls or scuttling across the floor. These insects live inside of the wood that they consume and will silently destroy and compromise the structural integrity of your property as they feed on the wooden parts of your home.
The combination of silently feeding on the wood in your house and the large size of their colonies are what make termites a serious threat to your home. Termite colonies grow rapidly and can reach up to tens of thousands of individual termites.  

Four Tips To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Termites 

Due to the complexity of exterminating a colony and the severe threats that termites pose, you will always require professional termite control to perform termite removal. However, there are termite prevention strategies that you can implement on your property that can make your home a less attractive target for termites. Four methods to prevent termites from targeting your home are: 

  • Ensuring that fire or lumber wood is not stacked close to your home. 
  • Routinely inspecting your property and sealing any cracks 
  • Ensuring that any soil on your property is not making contact with your home 
  • Reducing moisture around your home, particularly around the foundation 

Contact our team of experts at Addison Pest Control to learn about more ways that you can prevent termites from invading your property. 

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Termites In Your Home 

Due to the severe damage that termites can cause to your property in a short amount of time, you should immediately call for professional pest control service at the first signs of termite activity. Addison Pest Control, a local Dallas pest control specialist, has been serving communities across Dallas since 1986 by keeping homes safe and pest-free.

Our team of certified pest technicians has a lot of experience in dealing with termites and all other manners of pests that cause homeowners in Dallas problems. Call us today if you are dealing with a termite infestation in Dallas or if you are in need of pest control in Hebron, TX, we offer free inspections and estimates, and we guarantee a pest-free home.