The Problem With Squirrels Hanging Around Your Dallas Property


Sure, squirrels look cute and cuddly. Their bushy tails and friendly eyes are somewhat inviting, and people often admire the critters. However, you shouldn't encourage squirrels to hang around your Dallas property. Find out why you should make sure squirrels don't want to stay near you.

The Truth About Squirrels In Dallas

Out of all the pests in Dallas, the squirrel might be the most underestimated. After all, how much damage can a squirrel do? The most common squirrel in the area, the fox squirrel, can do more damage than you might expect. You can identify this mammal by its gray and black coat and orange underbelly. If you find a fox squirrel in your home, you could experience several problems. For one, they might get into your food stores. Any food they get into is contaminated, so you might need to replace hundreds of dollars in dry goods. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Squirrels also chew on insulation, wiring, and building materials. They constantly chew, and this is bad news for your home or business. It's possible for squirrels to cause a fire or do structural damage to your building. They also spread diseases and parasites. Without any pest control company to prevent squirrels, you could experience many consequences.

Why Squirrels Are So Hard To Keep Out

While most people realize how small rats and mice are, some individuals don't realize that squirrels are smaller than they look. They're able to fit through small spaces and chew tiny cracks into entrances to your home or business. It's not hard for squirrels to get into your structure, even if you think it's well-sealed. It's also difficult to eliminate factors that attract squirrels. In the wild, squirrels eat fruits, bird eggs, and seeds. But once inside your home, squirrels might eat anything from your pantry. Their teeth are sharp enough to chew through boxes and plastic bags.

Keeping Squirrels Out

If you don't want to experience the damage squirrels can cause, you can try to do all of the following to deter these pests: 

  • Seal Up Any Openings- Small openings in your home or business could be squirrel entrances. Protect your home from squirrels by sealing up cracks, crevices, and holes. If you're not sure how to close up potential entrances, hire someone who does. Remember that squirrels can transform tiny cracks into large holes.

  • Keep Your Trees Trimmed- If your trees are too close to your home, they'll invite squirrels inside your property. Cut down any branches that touch your home or come within a few feet of it, however do so with caution. You may need to hire someone to cut down branches that are too close to power lines or structures.

  • Work With Experts- When it comes to keeping squirrels away from your property, you need professional help. It takes someone who understands squirrel behavior to prevent or eliminate squirrels from your property. Without professional assistance, there's hope no guarantee that you won't experience any more issues with squirrels.

Call The Experts At Addison Pest Control

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