What Dallas Property Owners Ought To Know About Paper Wasps

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Most people have a healthy fear of wasps and understandably so. In Dallas, paper wasps can be dangerous to you or anyone on your property. So, as with all dangers, you should educate yourself about paper wasps. Find out what you should know about paper wasps in Dallas.

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like?

Paper wasps are not just one type of wasp, but several types of wasps that build their nests out of paper. They do so by chewing up wood and other vegetation, then spitting out the material and forming an upside-down paper comb. Although you can identify this type of wasp by its nest, there are other ways to identify this Dallas wasp.
These wasps vary in size, typically measuring between .5 and 1.5 inches in length. Usually, they are anywhere in color from orange to dark red. Some paper wasps have bright yellow and red stripes. If you see a wasp on your property, your best chance at identifying it is to call a pest control technician. In addition to identifying the wasp, they can eliminate the pests from your property.

Are Paper Wasps Good?

While most people think of wasps as unnecessary pests, they aren't all bad, playing a crucial role in our environment. They are pollinators that, at times, feed on nectar. When paper wasps eat the nectar in your flowers, they help with pollination.
While paper wasps aren't the most effective pollinators in nature, they can still get the job done, which is good news for your garden. As an added benefit, paper wasps sometimes eat caterpillars. When paper wasps are around, your plants have natural protection against caterpillars. 

Are Wasps Dangerous?

Paper wasps aren't evil flying pests that have it out for you, only stinging when they feel threatened. Unfortunately, you may threaten them without meaning to. You could accidentally disrupt a nest or step on a wasp, provoking the wasps to sting you and defend their queen.
To say the least, the sting of a paper wasp is painful. If you don't have any allergies to the wasp venom, you are likely to experience swelling and pain, but an allergy could compound that with difficulty breathing, dizziness, or hives. 
Because paper wasps attack in numbers, the risk of allergies is even greater. You're likely to have multiple wasps attack you at once. As a result, there's a greater chance that you'll have an allergic reaction. 

How Can You Discourage Paper Wasps?

To keep paper wasps away from your property, follow these tips:

Keep Gardens Away

While you might enjoy your garden, it could be attracting paper wasps. Build your gardens far from your home to deter these dangerous pests.                         

Trim Trees And Shrubs

If your trees and shrubs get out of control, you could have paper wasps. They seek out areas of dense vegetation and may build a nest in the area, so regularly trim back your trees and shrubs.

Seal Your Trash Cans

Garbage attracts wasps. While there's not much you can do to stop yourself from producing waste, you can make that garbage less accessible to wasps. Keep all of your garbage in cans with tightly sealed lids, and you can prevent wasps.

Look For Nests

You should always be on the lookout for wasp nests. If you find any signs of a nest, call the professionals. Here at Addison Pest Control, we can safely remove paper wasp nests from your property. Attempting to do so alone puts you in danger of experiencing one or more wasp stings.
If you're ready to take action against paper wasps in Dallas or have questions about pest control in Hebron, TX, give us a call now.