What To Do About Ants On Your Dallas Property

ants on sugar cube

They just won’t go away! Ants are a constant source of annoyance for Texans. With so many varieties, there always seems to be a trail of them somewhere on your property. We understand your frustration, and we’re here to help.

Common Types of Ants in Texas

Each common species of ant here in Texas behaves slightly differently and will present different problems for your home or business. Some invade your home on a neverending basis, while others come and go. Some species do not enter the home, preferring to conquer your yard instead. Knowing what you’re up against will help you fight back. There are eight varieties common to the greater Dallas area.

  • Red Fire ant - These reddish-brown ants are 1/16 - 3/16 of an inch. They make obvious mounds with no visible entrance, aggressive when disturbed, and have a nasty sting.

  • Pharaoh ant- These yellowish-colored ants are 1/32 of an inch. They are very tiny and mostly nest indoors, preferring cardboard boxes and inside walls.

  • Rover ant- These brown ants have a striped gaster and are only 1/32 of an inch. They typically nest in the ground and can be found in the yard, entering the home when lured by a sweet treat.

  • Carpenter ant- These larger ants are solid black or brown or a combination of black and red-orange. They measure approximately  ¼ to ½ of an inch. Mostly nocturnal, nesting in hollow trees and large fallen branches but have been known to nest in hollow doors. They do not sting but will bite.

  • Acrobat ant- These black or brown are ⅛ of an inch. When disturbed they will lift their heart-shaped butts into the air, in an attempt to scare you away.

  • Crazy ant- These yellowish-brown ants are ⅛ of an inch. Their name comes from the fast erratic running and the hairs on their body.

  • Odorous ant- These blackish-brown ants are 1/16 to ⅛ o an inch. They produce a licorice-like odor when crushed.

  • Leaf Cutting ant- These reddish-brown ants vary in size. These ants will cut leaves and carry the pieces to an underground nest where they wait for mold to grow on the leaf. The mold is their food source.

Identifying the ant species on your property can be difficult. If you notice ants in or around your home, it's best to reach out to an expert. The number of ants per colony varies by species. If every home in Dallas has just one colony, the number of ants in the city limits is staggering. That’s not even counting businesses, fields, and parks.

Problems With DIY Extermination Methods 

Just taking a stroll down the pesticide aisle at your local Home Depot is enough to overwhelm the average person. The choices are too numerous to count and variables attached to each product will have you reading labels all afternoon leaving you wondering, 'Should I use a trap, a spray, or both? What is the colony size? Where is the nest? Is this product safe to use around my family and pets?' Most over-the-counter products are ineffective, leaving a dent in your wallet and only temporary or zero results.

  • Aerosol sprays are topical and short-lived. They are also potentially dangerous if they are breathed in by yourself or a bystander.

  • Traps are clearly an ineffective method for ants when considering the large number per colony. It would be impossible to catch them all.

  • If used incorrectly, both aerosol sprays and traps can be harmful to you, your pets, and your loved ones. 

Remember, regardless of the product, method, or service you choose safety is paramount.

Keep Ants Away From Your Dallas Property 

Ant prevention can prove difficult, so it's important to think about preventing them from invading your property in the first place. Like all pests, ants are constantly in search of sources of food, shelter, and water. Here are a few tips to help you get started with ant prevention: 

  • Tighten up any leaky pipes and cover them with insulation to avoid condensation.

  • Plug up all the holes that you can find in your home to eliminate entry points.

  • Keep food in plastic, airtight containers with seals. 

  • Clean up any debris or fallen trees around your home.

  • Take out your garbage frequently and wash your garbage cans. 

Professional Pest Control For Your Dallas Property 

At Addison Pest Control, we have an option that will help rid your home or business from unwanted ants and other pests. Our Advantage Home Pest Control programs offer year-round protection starting with the initial visit. If you're looking for proactive pest control, we offer a quarterly service plan targeting 16 northeastern Texas pests, including ants. We offer three tiers of service; Advantage Plus, Advantage Total, and Advantage Gold. All three plans come with a pest-free guarantee. Whether you're looking for one-time or proactive pest control, contact the experts at Addison Pest Control today to schedule your initial inspection and to ask about pest control services in Little Elm, TX.