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Plano, TX Pest Control

Plano is one of the fastest growing cities in the DFW Metro area boasting award-winning schools and a booming economy. The ecosystem thrives too as North Texas bugs and critters adapt to urban living. When residents in Plano need pest control services, they call us first us here at Addison.

Residential Pest Control Services

Homeowners in Plano know pests can quickly invade the yard and take over the house. When a pest problem threatens your home, we offer professional services and lasting solutions.

Our teams takes care of the following common pests with industry proven techniques that are safe and affordable:

We also offer wildlife control, attic decontamination and restoration, home pest proofing, and protective barrier installations. Our handyman skills for pest exclusion, general repairs and lighting installation add to the list of reasons we're considered one of the best pest control services in Plano.

Plano Commercial Pest Control Services

As a commercial property owner or manager, you know the damage pests can do to your building and grounds. We provide a full line of commercial pest control services for the following Plano businesses:

  • Investor Real Estate Facilities
  • Developer Real Estate Facilities
  • Builder Real Estate Facilities
  • Owner Occupied Facilities

Because we're the longest-serving pest control company in Plano, we bring years of industry knowledge to every job. We develop custom plans that protect your property year-round, and we're available for one-time pest control and removal projects too.

Addison Pest Control at Your Service

When you need pest control at your Plano home or business, you want the very best. We're proud of our reputation as the most dependable pest control service in the DFW Metro area. Our estimates are always free, so contact us today here at Addison Pest Control.