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McKinney Squirrel Removal

Yet another nuisance animal around the yard is the squirrel as they tend to cause several problems for people. The most common issue people have with the squirrel is their simple desire to in fact live in a home or office building. You need a professional for proper and permanent squirrel removal. Not unlike any other member of the rodent family, the squirrel is an amazing chewer. Being so, it will not hesitate to chew its way into your home or commercial office building. It is not abnormal, once inside to then start chewing on insulation or electrical wiring! You will often hear a squirrel running around in the attic or in the ceiling.

One potential hazard from squirrels is when they build a nest, they typically make it out of debris brought in from outside. Mix that with chewing on electrical wiring and what do you have? FIRE HAZARD! It is common for squirrels to chew on woodworking in a household as well. If you need us to remove a squirrel you know that squirrel control services are no joke. Squirrels are a common carrier of rabies and can be a potential health hazard. Even if they are not carrying a disease, their bite is typically deep and difficult to clean properly, therefore prone to infection. Let the professional team at Addison Pest Control Company help you with your squirrel pest control needs.