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McKinney Rat Control

We are the rat pest control professionals. Servicing North Texas for over 20 years, we are the pros in identifying and containing the rat or rats properly. We will remove the rat or rats the first time to make sure those pests don’t come back. Addison Pest Control Company is also an expert at rat prevention. They will identify any and all entry points, seal them, and catch the rodent. Addison is your rat pest control solution.

Rat Exclusion Methods

Rat pest control, or exclusion, and removal begin with an in depth inspection of the property, in need of such attention. Our inspection consists of a scrupulous overlook of the whole house or building.

Rats are sneaky creatures and will make their way into your home or business at one point or another. Preventive maintenance is very important, however not always on everyone’s mind. Most people go with store bought poisons or traps, but unless carefully used, can put your pets in danger, and cause more problems than they are worth. It’s best to leave it to the professionals when dealing with poisons or other harmful chemicals. Rats tend to leave behind urine and feces wherever they go. Urine and feces can pose a health hazard to you and your family if not treated properly.

Preventing Rats From Entering Your Texas Home

Rat prevention in your Dallas home is the number one, first step in rat pest control. To properly assess the situation, you must go where the rat goes and identify any and all entry points and then seal them off. This is where the inspection comes into play. A careful and thorough outdoor inspection is necessary to find all outside entry points, but not all entry points are seen from outside. You must go up into attics or crawl spaces to discover the most important ones. These are the most commonly missed entry points missed by inexperienced technicians and some experienced technicians alike. Contact Addison Pest Control with all your rat pest control service needs.