Richardson, TX Pest Control

Richardson, Texas, has been recognized by so many publications and agencies for the quality of life enjoyed by residents that it is impossible to list them all. Much has changed since the first settlers arrived in the area during the 1840s, including explosive population growth and the arrival of numerous high-tech companies. However, thanks to the area's mild winters and hot summers, modern business owners and homeowners are still dealing with some of the same pests that the earliest settlers encountered.

Spiders in Richardson

Many people consider spiders to be the most frightening pest that can invade a home or business. Perhaps it is their eight legs that humans find disturbing. Maybe it is their habit of spinning webs throughout the building that is disconcerting. The fact that spiders molt and tend to leave the skins they shed wherever they like certainly does not endear them to humans. However, what most people find terrifying about spiders is that some arachnids can inject enough venom to cause serious problems for a human unlucky enough to be bitten by one.

Although there are many types of dangerous spiders in the world, in Richardson, the two that are encountered the most are black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. Several types of widow spiders can be found in the Richardson area, but the one that is normally encountered is the classic black widow. These are the glossy, black spiders with red hourglass marks on their abdomens. Black widows prefer to hide under or within objects, so many bites occur when people reach into storage boxes or are in the process of bringing firewood inside. The brown recluse spider is sometimes referred to as a fiddleback due to the violin-shaped pattern marking its back. As the name implies, these spiders are reclusive, preferring to remain hidden in dark, dry, warm environments. They may hide in closets, attics, basements or storage boxes. Most bites occur when someone accidentally touches the spider; they may put on a pair of shoes or an article of clothing, for example, or reach into a box containing a spider. Brown recluse bites are necrotic, which means that the venom can kill tissues and cells.

Ants in Richardson

The Richardson area is home to a variety of ants, and effective treatment depends on correctly identifying the type of ant involved. The dangers posed and the damages caused by ants depend on the species. Carpenter ants, for example, can cause extensive damage to the wood in a structure; they hollow out the wood for living space. Fire ants seldom invade a building, but they can inflict painful stings on any human or pet unlucky enough to stray too near to their mound. Other ants that make their homes in the area include Argentine ants, pavement ants, harvester ants and acrobat ants. These ants are an annoyance under the best of circumstances, but in any area that requires a sterile environment — such as a kitchen or a hospital — their eradication becomes even more critical. Even ants that never venture indoors can damage trees, crops and landscape plantings. One type of ant that has become increasingly common in this area is the odorous house ant. Its other names include stink ant, coconut ant and sugar ant. These ants prefer diets of sugar, floral nectar or other sweet foods. When crushed, they emit a foul odor that has been compared to rotten coconut.

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