Signs of Rat Damage in Your Frisco, TX Home

Pest infestations might seem antiquated or rare, but they can happen to anyone, even in Dallas. The trouble with rodents such as mice or rats is that they don't discriminate: a clean home as well as a dirty one can become a haven for these disease-carrying creatures. Rats in particular are very difficult to remove once they enter a home. Typical do-it-yourself tactics such as traps and poison are not recommended for rats, especially if they have entered in numbers. For the purposes of removal, calling an exterminator or pest control official is much more cost-effective and speedy.

However, before you call, there are a few things to consider. Have rats invaded your home in full force? If so, how can you tell? Below are a few ways to detect these troublesome animals when they arrive.

Wood Chips and Signs of Chewing

Rats are inquisitive, hungry creatures, and so will chew through anything that remotely smells of food. In addition, most rats create pathways through homes that they infest, in the form of handy tunnels and passages that often conflict with your native wiring and plaster. This damage can be extensive, complex, and very difficult to fix. However, before you go looking for a contractor, the rats will need to be removed. Exterminators will need to know where the damage is concentrated most: Look for wood chippings and holes in your walls that the rats may be inhabiting. This will help the exterminator find your infestation zones quicker.

Droppings and Contamination

Rats are not clean animals. They spread feces and disease, and can thoroughly contaminate your home with bio-hazardous bacteria if not swiftly removed. Rat droppings especially are worth concern, as they are heavily saturated with dangerous bacteria. Instead of removing large amounts of rat droppings yourself and risking exposure, call an exterminator or pest control expert. They will know the proper disposal techniques and cleaning maneuvers to make your home sterile again.

What to Do if you See Signs of Rats

If you see some of the clear signs that there are rats in your home, you shouldn't hesitate to call us.  We are based out of Frisco, but  serve everywhere from Dallas to Lewisville.