Highland Park, TX, Pest Control

Highland Park is a suburb of Dallas and is located in the north-central part of Texas. The area usually sees relatively mild winters and sweltering summers. The climate is classified as humid subtropical, which means residents can expect June, July, and August to be perfect pool weather. Because the local climate is generally on the warm side throughout the year, residents can of course also expect to deal with various pests in both their homes and their businesses.

Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control can proceed in a number of ways. In Texas, pests can begin to build large colonies in attics, basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens in a relatively short period of time. Roaches are particularly attracted to areas with water, and they may make their homes near toilets, sinks, tubs, and kitchen sinks. Attics, on the other hand, can sometimes become the home of squirrels, mice, and rats. If you happen to notice droppings in any out-of-the-way locations, there's a good chance that a pest is living in your home for at least part of the year.

Residential pest control services can examine all areas of the property to make sure that the structure itself remains sound. This is especially important with insects like termites, which feed on wood and are not always visible in large numbers to the casual observer. A reliable pest control analysis can quickly identify problem areas within the home and then develop an efficient action plan.

Commercial Pest Control

Stopping pest infestations in businesses can be a matter of life or death financially. At restaurants, any sign of pests will lead to health-code violations and will likely drive away customers. Even at office buildings, it is important to keep the work area clean and pleasant for good morale. Commercial pest control often extends to lines of shops and stores that must each remain pest-free in order for all the businesses to continue to thrive together. Both physical and chemical removal methods might be used.

Types of Pest Services

Addison Pest Control offers the following types of pest control services:

In addition, we service a wide range of commercial professionals, including the following:

  • Investor real estate
  • Developer real estate
  • Builder real estate
  • Facilities occupied by owners

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