Effective Pest Control In Highland Park, TX  

Highland Park is one of the area’s most exclusive and desirable communities. This town is filled with upscale bakeries, bars, restaurants, and shops, excellent public schools, manicured parks, and sprawling suburban neighborhoods. Given Highland Park’s very close proximity to the center of Dallas, it has become an ideal location for many families and individuals who commute. But even this picture-perfect community has pest problems that arise throughout the year.

At Addison Pest Control, we are dedicated to providing effective Dallas County pest control. Our family-owned, family-operated business has been building lasting relationships since our establishment in 1986. During this time, we’ve been perfecting the art of straightforward, reliable pest control services. We provide free, no-obligation inspections and estimates, and all of our work is guaranteed. To learn more about protecting your home or business, contact us today.

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Residential Pest Control In Highland Park 

Keeping your Highland Park home free from pests is our top priority at Addison Pest Control. We have been working with local families since 1986 and over this time, we have grown to understand the needs of our community and how we can best meet them. Our three main programs include:

  • Advantage Plus+: If you’re looking for a proactive answer to pest problems, our entry-level package provides quarterly services that target 17 common pests and rodents.

  • Advantage Total: For an added level of protection, this plan offers coverage for odorous house ants, Argentine ants, and subterranean termites.

  • Advantage Gold: Our most inclusive plan adds seasonal protection from mosquitoes and fire ants.

We also offer the option of pest-specific services for bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, and wildlife. No matter what treatments you receive, we always guarantee results and promise to provide a fair and honest price. To learn more about our residential pest control offerings, please call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Highland Park  

A pest problem can strike your Highland Park property at any time during the year. Whether it’s a termite problem in the summer or rodents that invade during the winter, you may be left with property damage, health hazards, or a combination of the two. At Addison Pest Control, it’s our job to make sure that your business is properly cared for during moments like these. Since 1986, we’ve been partnering with local industries to design treatment protocols that fit exacting specifications.

We begin the process with a free inspection so that our skilled technicians can determine the level of pest activity on your property as well as any potential issues and points of entry. We’ll then discuss our findings with you and present a treatment and maintenance plan. Our services run the gamut from general pest control to targeted solutions for pests like bed bugs. Either way, all of our services are fairly priced and guaranteed. For more information on how commercial pest control can protect your property, contact us today.

How To Protect Your Highland Park Home From Bed Bugs As Summer Arrives 

As summer arrives in Highland Park and your level of activity increases, you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to more bed bug problems than you thought. Bed bugs are parasites that travel around very easily due to hitchhiking and proceed to feed off of your blood during the night. In order to avoid situations like these, try the following tips:

  • Seal up any gaps around your doors and windows with weatherstripping and fill cracks in your foundation with silicone-based caulk.

  • Check personal items after riding public transportation, going to the movies, or doing errands.

  • Dust and vacuum on a regular basis.

  • Opt for mattress encasements.

  • Don’t bring home any used furniture without properly inspecting it first.

  • Seek professional help from a pest control company.

At Addison Pest Control, we provide homeowners with reliable bed bug control that guarantees complete elimination of these pests. All of our initial inspections are free and thorough in order to locate the source of your infestations, and then we combine heat and liquid treatments to eradicate all bed bugs. For more information on these services, please contact us today. 

Is It Too Late To Protect My Highland Park Home From Termites This Summer? 

Each year, termites ravage homes across the country and leave homeowners to pick up the pieces. Issues like these are absolutely preventable and it’s never too late to start protecting your Highland Park home from their damage. With professional services from Addison Pest Control, your home can be protected from termites throughout the year. We always start our process with an in-depth inspection of your property to determine if termites are present and if so, what species, or to locate any conducive conditions that could ultimately lead to an infestation. From there, we determine the best course of action, which can consist of a combination of choices.

We are certified to install Sentricon® with Always Active™ bait stations that provide ongoing protection from termites in an effective and discreet manner. We’ll also apply Termidor® liquid treatments for a barrier of protection outside of your home. These services are even warrantied. For more information on reliable termite protection, contact us today. 

Five Strategies To Tell Highland Park Mosquitoes To Buzz Off

Mosquitoes are persistent invaders when they can find blood meals and breeding sites. Still, you can get them to buzz off with strategies tailored to your property.

Here are five of the most effective ones for Highland Park homeowners:

  1. Eliminate their breeding spots. Remember to empty and clean stagnant water sources around your property. Even a capful of water can allow them to lay eggs and start a colony by your home.
  2. Consider planting mosquito-repelling varieties of plants. Citronella, basil, and lavender might help deter mosquitoes and other pests. They can be a beneficial addition to professional mosquito treatments.
  3. Swap floral scents for unscented alternatives. Some perfumes and scented candles can be magnets for mosquitoes. Opt for neutral scents to avoid becoming their next victim.
  4. Maintain a well-groomed yard. Trimmed grass and bushes are less likely to provide mosquitoes with hiding spots during the day.
  5. Work with professionals. Experts have access to targeted treatments that can effectively reduce mosquito populations and provide long-term prevention.

Combining these strategies is the best way to convince mosquitoes to find a new hangout. Addison Pest offers recurring mosquito control treatments to protect your property from April through October.

Call us to learn about our strategies for targeting adult mosquitoes with a backpack fogging machine, one-time services for special events, and more.

Why Wildlife Is Bad News For Highland Park Homes And Businesses

Wildlife poses many threats that extend beyond diseases. Squirrels, common in the area, are notorious for their gnawing habits. These furry invaders can damage your roof and attic, causing potential structural issues that could be expensive to repair.

Pigeons often favor roosting on buildings. This behavior could lead to unsightly droppings that can cause slipping hazards. Raccoons, known for being clever and agile, can damage your garden and property as they look for food. Finally, skunks are generally peaceful but can spray a foul-smelling liquid if threatened.

Beyond these issues, wild animals carry parasites and diseases that can affect us and our pets. Fleas and ticks from squirrels and raccoons can swiftly infest our homes. Bird droppings may contain harmful bacteria. The list goes on.

Addison Pest can help with reliable wildlife control in Highland Park if unwanted guests are on your property. We will mitigate these risks with humane trap and release methods, one-way doors for squirrels, bird spikes, Avitrol bait for pigeons, and live traps for larger wildlife.

We complete the removal process with quality exclusion work and repairs so animals can't reenter. Call today to learn about our guarantees and commitment to effective, humane wildlife control for homes and businesses in the area.

How Fleas And Ticks Affect Highland Park People And Pets

Fleas and ticks are dangerous to people and pets for many reasons. These blood-feeding parasites are irritating and can transmit diseases that can have long-term consequences.

First, let's look at their impact on pets. Fleas and ticks are notorious for causing itchy bites and potential allergic reactions. If you struggle with a severe infestation, your furry friends may develop anemia, skin infections, or dangerous diseases like Lyme disease. Ticks, in particular, are easy to get. They can latch onto pets during outdoor activities, even simple walks.

People are also at risk. Flea bites can cause itchy red bumps and allergic reactions. Ticks are even more problematic, as they can transmit diseases like Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and more through their bites. Risks increase if you hike or spend time in wooded areas.

Prevention is crucial to avoid these issues. We recommend grooming your pets regularly and talking to their veterinarian about using flea and tick preventatives to help protect them. It is best to wear protective clothing when outside to reduce the risk of bites and inspect yourself and your loved ones afterward.

If regular preventative measures are insufficient, call Addison Pest to get started with effective flea and tick control near you and eliminate these troublesome parasites for good.

Why Wasps In Highland Park Should Be Left To The Professionals

Highland Park has several problematic wasp species, like mud daubers, paper, and cicada killer wasps. They can inflict painful and repeated stings, making your property unsafe if they establish a colony.

Mud daubers construct their nests from mud. They typically favor sheltered areas like eaves or garages. As their name indicates, paper wasps build papery nests, especially in attics and outdoor structures. DIY wasp nest removal can expose you to dangerous stings and may not effectively eliminate them.

At Addison Pest, we have a team of professionals who can handle diverse wasp species safely. We have protective gear to protect against aggressive behavior and minimize the risk of stings. We can also prevent reinfestations. Remember, wasps can pose serious safety threats. Call today to learn about safe solutions to your wasp problem backed by warranties for complete peace of mind.


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