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Lewisville is widely regarded as one of the most dynamic cities in North Texas. As a hub of commercial and residential activity, this city has something to offer for everyone who wants to enjoy an urban lifestyle while still being near a major metropolis. Take part in one of the area’s many cultural activities or join in on the fun of a seasonal festival or parade.

There are a lot of perks to living life in Lewisville, from its sprawling recreational facilities to its quiet, close-knit community. But there is one significant drawback many residents are currently experiencing: the presence of serious pest activity.

The professionals at Addison Pest Control understand this better than anyone, offering full-service pest control solutions to property owners all over the city. We provide treatment customizations like none other, with an emphasis on white glove care and attention that allow us to focus on even the smallest details. If our local pest control services can't take care of your Lewisville pest problem, nothing can!

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Residential Pest Control In Lewisville

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Lewisville's homeowners are increasingly barraged by pest activity. Rodents and roaches are some of the most common invaders, although pests like ticks and bed bugs are certainly not far behind. In the past, DIY efforts and over-the-counter treatments may have worked to control these invaders. But today, neither option is strong enough to combat the area's growing risk for infestation.

Professional pest management services from Addison Pest Control offer the perfect solution to this, offering treatment programs and adaptive programs that scale to homes of any size. Using years of experience and some of the best products on the market, we quickly eliminate all elements of your pest infestation, including the root of the issue.

With every residential pest control service from Addison Pest Control, you can expect:

  • A transparent and honest estimate
  • Upfront pricing and packaging 
  • Service completed by certified professionals
  • Straightforward communication
  • Results you can see, feel, and experience

Begin residential pest treatments as soon as possible by calling Addison Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Lewisville

From costly repairs to damaged reputations, commercial pest infestations come with a very steep bill. At Addison Pest Control, we're passionate about helping Lewisville's businesses avoid the effects of pest infestation with actionable, regular pest services. There's no job too big or building too small for our team of professionals to handle; guaranteed!

Our commercial pest control services are available to a wide variety of industries and niches, including:

  • Healthcare and inpatient facilities
  • Property management groups
  • Manufacturing plants

Don't see your industry on the list? We would love to hear from you. Contact Addison Pest Control today to discuss commercial pest control plans for your Lewisville business.

What The Experts Have To Say About Tick Control In Lewisville

Tick control in Lewisville is becoming harder and harder. As Lewisville is surrounded by thousands of acres of woods and open space in the LLELA Nature Preserve, it's no wonder these pests are finding their way into our yards and gardens.

According to experts, it is no longer possible to prevent ticks from migrating into new properties. However, there are ways to keep their populations low and reduce your personal risk of exposure, starting with proper tick control. Many etymologists recommend beginning with the lawn and garden. Regular mowing and trimming will prevent vegetation from bringing questing ticks closer to the home.

Additionally, you may want to investigate some tick treatments for your home or business. Addison Pest Control provides unique tick management services that cover the entirety of your lawn, beginning with dangerous pest species. Get rid of ticks in Lewisville with the expert protections of Addison Pest Control. Call today to get a quote.

How To Tell If Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your Lewisville Home

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not silent or invisible pests. These parasitic pests make their presence quite well known, especially if they have been in your home for more than a few days. You may notice a sweet or musky odor in bedrooms or living rooms. Excrement or feeding spots, which may be dark brown to bright red, are common around pillows and bedsheets. Finally, keep an eye out for bed bug bites on your arms, legs, or back.

As soon as you believe that bed bug symptoms are present around your property, immediately reach out to the experts at Addison Pest Control. Our high-quality bed bug treatments are the perfect solution for home and business owners all over Lewisville.


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